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Build your own riding arena

It’s that easy!

You would like to embark on your own riding arena project, but have lots of questions?

No problem – our expert team will help you with their specialist knowledge and expertise.

1. DO-IT-YOURSELF variant

Build a riding arena in competition quality

We can provide:
+ Detailed instructions on how to build the riding arena
+ List of the machinery and materials required
+ Professional advice via telephone from the experts
+ Care and maintenance instructions and tips when the riding surface is completed

The majority of our customers opt to build their own arenas. This saves costs and customers can be independent in terms of time.

A self-build service for experienced builders and those who want to be!
Do you have construction experience, hard-working helpers and the machinery required? Then the ‘do-it-yourself’ variant is the most sensible and cost-efficient solution for you.​

Professional advice for your project
OTTO Arena will, of course, guide you throughout the entire project with detailed installation instructions, a list of the machinery and materials required and, last but not least, professional advice by telephone or in writing.

Even after completion of the riding arena, we will still be available to provide advice, assistance and professional care and maintenance instructions.

Our advisor will show you how to build our outdoor riding arena:


2. Support from a supervisor (optional)

Available as an additional service

+ Professional expertise on site
+ More security for your building project
+ Supervision of the riding arena construction project
+ Active support
+ Tips and training on the correct care and maintenance when the riding surface is completed

An expert from the OTTO Arena team will guide you through the construction of your riding arena - from the installation of the first riding arena mat to the last grain of sand.​

If you choose the supervisor option, we will assign one of our riding surface construction experts to supervise the installation work and lend a hand, both literally and from the cab of the construction machinery.

The unskilled helpers provided by the customer will then provide the additional labour force required on site.

Training after completion
We won't abandon you, even after you’ve completed your riding arena!

Our supervisor will provide in-depth training on the correct care and maintenance of your new original OTTO Sport riding surface so you can get the most out of it in terms of safety, performance and longevity.

3. Turnkey construction by OTTO Sport

Leave the full construction of your riding arena to the experts

Your benefits:
+ Maximum ease, minimum effort
+ The one-stop shop for your riding surface
+ We supply all the construction machinery and materials required
+ An expert team to install your riding arena
+ Professional advice on site
+ Tips and training when the riding surface is completed

The relaxed way to your own riding surface
Of course, we also offer the option of the full construction of your riding arena by our competent partner, OTTO Sport.

This includes the delivery of the machinery required, an installation team assigned by OTTO Sport and the execution of all the construction processes.

Once your riding surface is ready to use, you will receive training on the correct care and maintenance, to ensure that you and your horses will enjoy your riding arena for many years to come.



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