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The special footing for a special breed.

Special requirements for the training surface for Icelandic horses.

The riding surface must be both firm and springy for Icelandic horses. In the tölt gait, the horse is supported alternately by one or two legs. A firm grip is therefore essential for optimal performance, and above all for the health of the animals.

Our OTTO-ArenaTölt mixture on the footing offers the ideal conditions and optimum firmness for the four-beat gait and the comparatively small hoof soles of Icelandic horses. The shearing strength of the special mixture is adjusted to ensure optimum conditions for the demands of the tölt.

In addition, the OTTO-ArenaTölt footing is also perfect for ponies, as their smaller hoof size places similar demands on the riding arena as Icelandic horses.


  1. Details of the OTTO ArenaTölt footing

    Pure quartz sand is used for the OTTO ArenaTölt footing. Quartz is an extremely hard mineral that is characterised by high abrasion resistance. As a result, the individual grains of sand retain their shape for many years, even under heavy loads and intensive use. The OTTO GeoTextil is added to the quartz sand as an aggregate, and is also made from highly durable material.

    Combined with an appropriate level of daily care and maintenance, the OTTO ArenaTölt mixture thus becomes a riding surface that will give you pleasure for many years.

  2. Icelandic horses, similar to ponies, have comparatively small hooves. The reduced hoof contact with the surface means that they require a firmer riding surface to prevent their hooves from sinking too deeply into the footing. The balance to achieve here is to ensure good water permeability despite greater firmness. This is ensured with the OTTO ArenaTölt footing, as the quartz sand used for the footing is clay-free, and has sufficient cavities between the individual grains through which the excess water can quickly drain away.

    This, along with the right sub-base layer ensures that no puddles remain on the outdoor arena, even after heavy rain.

  3. As sand is a water-bound material, the riding surface must always be kept in an earth-moist condition to provide a sufficiently firm grip for the horses’ hooves. The water storage capacity of the OTTO-ArenaTölt footing is significantly increased by the addition of textiles.

    When combined with the OTTO-PerforatedMat™ water storage system, the riding surface can store up to 10 litres of water per square metre. This allows the footing to retain moisture for a longer period. This both saves money and the valuable resource, water.

  4. Whether it's a top-class competition facility or a small, local riding stable - the safety and health of the horse and rider are always top priority when selecting the footing.

    A sand mixture that is too round-grained does not provide adequate support for the horse's hooves. While a sand mixture that is too sharp can have a damaging effect on the hooves.

    The OTTO ArenaTölt footing only uses sand with slightly rounded grains, which provide good treading stability and at the same time promote hoof health.

    The OTTO ArenaTölt mixture also contains a special textile and fibre mix that acts like a root system in the footing to prevent the excessive sand movement. The sand--fibre mixture provides a secure grip for the horse's hooves, even in tight turns.

  5. The elasticity of the riding surface is as important as stability. An elastic surface provides rebound energy to the hoof. It enhances performance, increases safety and has a positive effect on the horse's health.

    The elasticity of the OTTO-ArenaTölt footing derives from a perfect interaction of sand and aggregates.

    When combined with the proven OTTO-Perforated Mats™, the OTTO-ArenaTölt footing forms a riding surface system of incomparable elasticity.

  6. Professional care and maintenance of your riding surface with OTTO ArenaLevellers

    Good quality requires careful maintenance, and this also applies to the OTTO ArenaTölt footing. You will enjoy your riding service for a long time to come if you follow a few simple rules time. Here are the main points:

    Contaminants such as horse droppings and leaves must be carefully removed.

    After using the arena, the riding surface must be cleared using the appropriate maintenance equipment. OTTO Arena offers suitable riding arena levellers for this task. We will be happy to advise you.

    The riding surface should always be kept in an earth-moist condition.

Technical specifications

Material possible uses installation thickness weight Volume
A special mix of quartz sand, textile and fibres Outdoor and indoor riding arenas 8 – 10 cm (when installed on OTTO-PerforatedMats)​ 1.6 t/m3 0,63 m3/t

Sand is a natural product and is subject to colour variations, which do not constitute  grounds for complaint.



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