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For more comfort in the box.

More manageable and optimised all round!

By popular demand, we have developed a more ‘user-friendly’ stable mat:

installation is now so easy, because the mat is smaller and therefore lighter than its big brother, the OTTO StableMat Classic. It provides warmth and comfort on the stable floor and increases the wellbeing of your horses. Special air pockets on the underside of the mat create a warming air cushion and counteract the coldness of the floor.

Another advantage is that you can save a great deal on bedding material, because the bedding is only required to soak up urine. Minimal waste is generated - cleaning is therefore very quick and easy, and disposal is considerably simplified.

The individual mats are fitted together with a tongue and groove system to ensure they are skid-resistant. A minimal gap between the mats ensures that minimal moisture can penetrate under the mats.

The surface of the StableMat Smart has been improved by a new manufacturing process. The surface flexes slightly when under load, therefore protecting the horse’s joints, tendons and hooves. 

The special structure of the stable mat surface provides a firm, skid-resistant surface.

Our stable mats are 4 cm thick and are particularly robust and durable.

Advantages of the OTTO-StableMat Smart

+ More manageable size and therefore lighter
+ Easy installation
+ Insulating
+ Saves bedding - reduces waste and cost
+ Easy cleaning
+ Tight joints between the mats - minimal moisture penetrates under the mat
+ Protects the joints
+ Firm
+ Skid-resistant
+ Extremely robust - 4 cm thick
+ Durable

Technical data

Uses Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight Material
Stall / Box 50 x 75 x 4 cm (= coverage of approx. 0.375 m²) 12.03 kg Recycled PVC

Comparison of the stable mats

  OTTO-StableMat OTTO-StableMat Smart
Weight: 28 kg 12.03 kg
Size: 115 x 75 x 4 cm 50 x 75 x 4 cm
Coverage: 0.86 m² 0.375 m²
Material: Recycled PVC Recycled PVC
Used for: Stall / horse box Stall / horse box

The colour, shape, size and weight of the mats may vary in the production process. However, this in no way affects the functionality. Complaints or exchanges in this respect are excluded.

Easy installation

It’s so easy to install OTTO StableMats:
They can be installed on any firm and level surface. They can be easily cut to the required size with a saw. The improved tongue and groove system of the mats guarantees a firm and stable joint system, thus ensuring a comfortable surface on the stable floor.

Quickly installed and ready to use

Complete horse box laid in just 30 minutes

2 young, dedicated riders and 1 helper for cutting the box mats laid out a complete horse box of 3x6 m with the OTTO Smart stable mats within just 30 minutes. Horse and rider are delighted.


Get a quote now! Free of charge and non-binding.


Our recommendation: absorbent material such as flax straw, sawdust, wood shavings and straw pellets are particularly suitable as bedding on the stable mats.


OTTO-StableMats Smart can be hosed down with a water hose or high-pressure cleaner. The mats may be removed from the box periodically as required, and thoroughly ‘blasted’ (recommendation: approx. once annually).


To calculate how many OTTO-StableMats Smart are required to cover a box floor, divide the surface area of the box by the coverage of a single mat (0.375 m²). The result is rounded up to whole mats

Box 3 m x 3 m = 9 m²
9 m² / 0.375 m² = 24 pcs
Requirement: 24 pcs.

If there are several separate boxes, first calculate the requirement for each individual box. Then add the total of all the results, rounded up.

Requirement for 3 boxes each measuring 9 m²:
3 x 24 pcs = 72 pcs

Our OTTO-StableMat Smart is easier to manage and weighs approx. 8.06 kg. The mat measures 50 cm x 75 cm. Each mat covers 0.375 m².


  • Cold insulation: the integrated air pockets turn the horse box into a floor that promotes wellbeing. The insulation provided by the air pockets counteracts the coldness of the floor.
  • Protects the musculoskeletal system: a new manufacturing process has improved the surface of the OTTO StableMat Smart: the mat flexes slightly when under load, and therefore has a shock-absorbing effect. Provides optimal protection for the horse's joints, ligaments and tendons. The surface structure offers a balanced and firm surface for the hoof, so the mat cannot slip, e.g. as the horse stands up from a lying position.
  • Savings on bedding: bedding is only necessary for soaking up the horse’s urine. The mats are insulated against the cold, so thick warm bedding is not required, which significantly reduces bedding consumption and greatly simplifies disposal.
  • Secure underlay: the surface of the OTTO StableMat Smart is covered with flat studs, which also ensure the horse has a good grip when the horse stands up from a lying position. The individual mats are joined by a tongue and groove system to ensure they are skid-resistant.
  • Easy installation: the OTTO StableMat Smart is more manageable (smaller) than its big brother and is therefore considerably lighter. Installation is now much easier for you.
  • Tight joints: the tongue and groove system of the mats has been improved, and they now lie very close together, with very tight joints between the mats. Minimal moisture penetrates under the mat

OTTO-StableMats Smart are a robust and hard-wearing floor covering. They have a 2-year warranty. The service life is generally significantly longer.


The OTTO-StableMats Smart are made of recycled PVC.


OTTO-StableMats Smart are made of elastic recycled plastic and comply with the soil and groundwater protection regulations, which state that no substances may leach out that could contaminate the groundwater.


The flat, round studs (Ø 2.5 cm) are textured, which ensure the horses have an excellent grip on the OTTO-StableMat Smart and prevent them from tripping or stumbling.


The sub-base layer under the OTTO-StableMats Smart must be level and load-bearing (chippings, concrete, stone, etc.)


The OTTO StableMat Smart can be cut to size with any commercially available jigsaw or circular saw.


Remove the shavings (bedding) with the urine and horse droppings with a pitchfork and/or sweep the OTTO StableMat Smart clean.


OTTO StableMats Smart are only suitable for outdoor areas such as feeding troughs, lying areas or open stalls. Exceptions are covered or sloped areas. Rain and snow could lead to the formation of ice and therefore become a slip hazard.


The recycled plastic from which OTTO StableMats Smart are made is not water-permeable and does not absorb moisture. Water is absorbed by the bedding material.



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