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Ebb&Flow riding surface from OTTO Arena:

Perfect riding conditions around the clock.

Nature is the best teacher - this also applies to riding facilities. OTTO Sport has adopted the principle of ebb and flow and developed an efficient irrigation system for our customers.  The ‘capillary effect’ ensures that the riding surface retains the specific, individually set moisture level at all times, and is ready to use around the clock - i.e. also during the watering process. In any weather conditions. And with no effort.

Pipes, water drainage conduits and valves installed under the OTTO riding mats ensure that the soil retains the correct moisture level in any weather conditions. Sensitive sensors detect the respective requirement, and water is either automatically withdrawn from or added to the riding arena.

Dusty and dry ground is just as much a thing of the past with the OTTO Sport Ebb&Flow system as hazardous puddles and mud. The system automatically ensures the correct water mix ratio. Conclusion: No more waiting for the ground to be correctly irrigated - just start riding straight away.

The Ebb&Flow system is installed at your site by an expert team from our partner, OTTO Sport.

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