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Eco-footing with a natural additive

The environmentally-friendly and sustainable footing.

OTTO-ArenaSpan footing mainly consists of the same silica sand mix that we also use for our ArenaTex-footing. The only difference lies in the additives. Only untreated bark-free equestrian softwood chippings are added to the ArenaSpan footing.

This results in a high-quality equestrian sand mix that offers all of the advantages of a footing that consists of nothing but natural components.

Good to know:

We use untreated softwood chippings as an additive, as they do not splinter as easily and absorb more moisture than harder types of wood. They also offer a high level of elasticity.


Product versions:

OTTO ArenaSpan footing is available in the versions off-white (reduces glare) and white.



  1. OTTO-ArenaSpan

    Over the years, we have continuously optimised the composition of our footings in order to be able to offer the optimum conditions for all equestrian sports requirements. Our focus is always on horse health.

  2. Riding arena with OTTO-ArenaSpan

    The OTTO-ArenaSpan footing is characterised by outstanding drainage properties. As the mixture is completely loam-free, neither mud nor puddles can form. Excess water can rapidly seep through the porous footing and into the drainage layer below, and therefore not impact on the riding quality. Even after heavy rain, the arena is ready for use again straight away. 

  3. If the footing is to remain as firm as necessary, it must always be slightly moist. Equestrian wood chippings can store moisture, which they then gradually release into the sand. This ensures that the ArenaSpan footing does not dry out too quickly, and retains its excellent level of firmness for longer.

    You should regularly water your arena, regardless of which of our footings you choose, not least also because it makes the evenness of the footing's mixture last for much longer.

  4. One important aspect for us is the prevention of damages to the equine musculoskeletal system, and therefore to horse health. That is also why the footing's level of elasticity is hugely important in show jumping as well as dressage arenas. Softwood is particularly pliant. The softwood equestrian wood chippings we add to our ArenaSpan footing therefore have a positive effect on the footing's elasticity.

  5. The footing must not be too firm, but also not too deep. The excellent stability and firmness of our ArenaSpan footing is due to a combination of high-quality silica sand with optimum grain size distribution and the bonding effect of equestrian wood chippings.

  6. To ensure that your OTTO ArenaSpan footing lasts as long as possible, you should follow a few simple maintenance rules: we recommend that you meticulously remove all horse droppings on a daily basis, thoroughly water the footing in dry weather, and regularly level your arena.

    The right equipment will make it much easier to keep your footing in good condition (see our arena levellers).


Material Possible uses Installation thickness Weight Volume
Mixture of quartz sand, equestrian softwood chippings Outdoor and indoor riding arenas, roundpens 8 – 10 cm (when installed on OTTO-PerforatedMats or OTTO-IndoorMats)​ 1.6 tons/m3 0,63 m3/t

Sand is a natural product and is subject to colour variations, which do not constitute  grounds for complaint.


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